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Employee Engagement Survey - Technical Assistance

Employee Survey

About the Employee Engagement Survey

A key strategic priority for the City is to build and maintain a cohesive, talented, and engaged team.  In order to understand where we need to focus our efforts, we are conducting an employee engagement survey. We are conducting this survey to solicit your feedback to help us better understand your job, work environment, and identify where we need to make improvements.

The survey includes questions to assess how you feel about our organization; as well as your job, work unit, supervisor, leaders and colleagues. The Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement, a division of CPS HR Consulting, will conduct the survey. CPS HR currently works with hundreds of public agencies throughout the U.S. The survey will be conducted online, and should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. We will provide a BBQ lunch to the departments with the highest participation!

All survey responses will be confidential and your individual responses will not be connected to your name. Your candid participation will help us assess strengths, identify gaps, and take action to ensure we achieve high levels of engagement. The survey is a starting point at measuring the current state of the City against which we can measure progress toward building stronger partnerships. 

All current employees on the City’s payroll as of payroll #17 (ending on 8/16/19) received an email invitation from CPS HR. The survey will be open from September 23, 2019 until October 11, 2019.

If you have any questions about the survey itself, please contact CPS HR Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement, at surveyhelp@cpshr.us. You are also welcome to contact Human Resources at extension 2209 with any questions.