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Congrats to Andy Bryant on his Retirement

Post Date:11/20/2018 1:47 PM


Andy Bryant

Senior Detective, Corona Police Department
Served the City of Corona for 22 years, 11 months
Retirement Date: November 24, 2018

Words of Wisdom/Farewell Statement

My time with the City of Corona extends back to when fleet was housed in a series of 1950’s-era garages all by themselves off Vicentia. Human Resources was in a closet in the Historic City Hall and I.T. was in the basement of the old City Hall, which presented some challenges for them, as it turned out. Windows 98 was still a few years off and we were driving white police cars, parked in what used to be the tennis courts of the original Corona High School, before it was the Historic City Hall.

I have had an amazing career here and I sincerely appreciate all of the opportunities provided by the Corona Police Department, the City of Corona and everyone whom I have had the pleasure of working with along the way – both within the City family and in the community.  My hope is that I have left things better than I found them and I could not have enjoyed any of the successes that have come my way without all of your support.

My only words of wisdom are these. If you are not already doing something you love, start down that path so work is something you look forward to doing for an entire career. Given all of the medical retirements that occur, working toward a “Plan-B” is also something that I have seen work out well for so many.

With that, I wish for all of you a successful career that you enjoy, working together and making things that much better for those whom we serve.  I am honored to have been on this journey with all of you.

All the best,


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