Recent Promotions

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Congratulations to the following employees on their recent promotions!

Thank you for making great things happen for other people! 

July Promotions 

Alyssa Belmontes, Admin Services, Office Assistant
Brandon Rosato, LaRS, Recreation Services Leader III
Angelina Aguilar, Police, Community Service Officer I
Nicole Auck, DWP, DWP Customer Care Rep II
Melissa Estrada-Maravilla, DWP, DWP Operations Analyst II
Samantha Parker, LRS, Recreation Leader II
Roxann Sablan, Admin Services, Accounting Technician II
Jacqueline Zukeran, DWP, Business Manager

June Promotions

Carol Appelt, Admin Services, Purchasing Specialist V
Eric Estes, Fire, Fire Engineer

Rafael Flores, Police, Community Service Offices I
Elena Jones, Police, Parking Enforcement Officer
Michelle Adams, Police, Management Analyst II
Galatia Kolias, Police, Police Officer Trainee
John Maldonado, Police, Police Officer Trainee
Cassandra Quach, LaRS, Recreation Services Leader II


May Promotions

Jessica Carbajal, Police, Police Detective
Erin Lennox, Police, Sr Public Safety Dispatcher
Rozzy Rael, Police, Police Officer II
Juventino Romero, LRS , Recreation Services Leader II
Martin Villegas, LRS, Library Assistant
Sarah Apodaca, Admin Services, Purchasing Technician
Katie Hockett, DWP, Assistant General Manager
Alyssa Kinney, Police, Community Services Officer II


April Promotions

Carolyn Cano, LaRS, Recreation Services Leader III
Francisco Flores, Maintenance Svcs, Sr Street Maintenance Worker
Nakia Reese, Police, Public Safety Dispatch Supervisor
Russell Siemer, Police, Police Corporal
Jimmy Vangalis, Fire,  Firefighter/Paramedic
Jason Waldon, Police, Police Sergeant

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