Training Requests

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The processing time frames for training requests are listed below and are described as the minimum amount of time needed for complete processing. Training requests should be submitted as far in advance as possible to secure the necessary accommodations needed for travel. Failure to submit training requests with advance notice may result in costs higher than budgeted and may be denied by supervisor and/or manager. 

two (2) week minimum for local events (up to 60 miles away) is required.
one (1) month month for all travel requiring airfare or overnight stay is required. 


  1. Training Requests Processes
  2. Travel and Other Expense Reimbursement Policy
  3. Expedia Flight Reservations
  4. GSA Per Diem Rates
  5. Mileage Reimbursement Map 
  6. Training Request Form/Outlook Template
  7. Upon return of arrival:

    Document(s) for completing Reimbursement Form linked under 'Training Request Statuses' located in the sidebar. 


A simplified procedure to submit a training request is found below. To view detailed steps, please see the "Training Requests Processes" in the Important Documents and Useful Links tab.


To view the PDF document version of this document, click here. 


The Training Request Form can be downloaded by clicking here and is also available at the top of this page in the Important Documents and Useful Links tab.

  1. Read through the agreements and initial each box. 

    Appropriate Documentation: There are certain items that are needed to prepare the packet for manager approval. This includes things like flyers outlining registration details, registration deadlines, and registration forms. If possible, please include materials that indicate whether or not meals are provided. 

    Important Processing Timeframes

    two (2) week minimum for local events (up to 60 miles away) is required.
    one (1) month month for all travel requiring airfare or overnight stay is required. 

    Fleet Reservations: For local travel, should requestor need to use a city vehicle, they will need to contact Fleet for a city vehicle reservation. Non-local rental cars will be reserved by DWP Administrative Clerk. 

    Accomodations and preferences: If requestor has any special preferences regarding flights such as preferred destination time, hotel lodging, rental cars, etc., please input in the Special Accommodation Requests section. Special requests cannot be guaranteed.OUTLOOKTEMPLATE
  2. Complete the Training Request Form and Forward to TrainingRequests@CoronaCA.Gov


  1. Open the Expense Summary form that was sent by the DWP Administrative Clerk. The Reimbursement form is located on a different sheet. 
  2.  The reimbursement form will auto-populate in areas that do not require an input. Cells that do not require input are locked and cannot be edited. 
  3.  The only areas require information are marked in a salmon color. The daily totals participant paid must be detailed in the table for the week and itemized receipts must be attached to the reimbursement form.REIMBURSEMENT
  4. Input the cost spent per day that is in excess of what city has funded, ensuring that it is within the Federal Per Diem rate. Be sure to provide itemized receipts.
  5. Print the form, sign and date, and give to manager for approval. 
  6. Once approved, email Denise Burns in Finance: Denise.Burns@CoronaCA.Gov.


For any questions, please contact the following:

DWP Front Desk at Extension 2234 or by email at TrainingRequests@CoronaCA.Gov