Geographic Information System

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The development of the City of Corona's Geographic Information System (GIS) began in 1994 and is a multi-department effort for creating and maintaining spatial data sets. These digital data sets are used throughout the City for planning, mapping, maintenance and management purposes. Core GIS development staff are located in the Information Technologies department and are primarily responsible for the construction and maintenance of spatial data sets. GIS staff also provides mapping, analysis, training and troubleshooting to all City departments.

The goal of the City's GIS is to provide high quality digital data sets to improve access to information for both City staff and the public. To achieve these goals, GIS has grown beyond the boundaries of the Core GIS development staff. Currently the City has 18 staff members using mid level GIS software to provide mapping and analysis to their respective departments. GIS applications on the City Intranet and Internet allow fast access to data and provide planning and solution tools with a spatial element. GIS development is on-going and plans to provide more applications for specific needs as well as continued integration with other City software and business functions.


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